Philips Lampada da soffitto a LED (prodotto Ecosystem Xiaomi)

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  • Marca: Philips
  • Materiale di Paralume: PC
  • Potenza di Uscita: 33W
  • Lineamenti: Telecomando
  • Funzione: Illuminazione
  • Colore Chiaro Disponibile: Bianco Caldo
  • Peso di Prodotto: 1,6300 kg
  • Peso di Pacchetto: 2,9000 kg
  • Wise del Prodotto (L x P x A): 49,50 x 49,90 x 5,40 cm / 19,49 x 19,65 x 2,13 pollici
  • Formato del Pacchetto (L x P x A): 57,50 x 57,50 x 12,30 cm / 22,64 x 22,64 x 4,84 pollici
  • Materiale principale: 1 xx LED lampada da soffitto


Caratteristiche principali:• Installazione Rapida: innovativo modulo di coppia per un rapido assemblaggio e smontaggio • 82Ra: 64pcs LED di alta CRI fornisce un effetto di illuminazione museo• Luce di luna Accogliente: la modalità luce di luna offre unilluminazione calda e accogliente• IP60...

User reviews

super bright and super low-profile. it looks like recessed lighting, where the original fixture used to stick out and you'd have that round glass globe sticking out and collecting dust. I really love this light. no more changing bulbs in the laundry room. Also, we put this on a motion sensor, since the light is situated in the laundry room adjacent to the garage and front entry way. how many times do you enter the house with bags, kids, etc. So nice to not have to turn on the light every time. and I don't have to yell... don't forget to turn off the light in the laundry room... any more.
This is a great fixture. Was easier to install than it was to remove the old fixture that the slim surface replaced. The light quality and spread are very pleasing to the eye, not like the "spotlight" effect of most down lights. Very natural and slightly warm.I'd also like to state the obvious and recommend that you check your ceiling box to be sure it's as flush as you need before installing the slimsurface. The fixture is so sharply detailed and thin that any gaps between it and the ceiling will be fairly visible.Great light, makes me want to replace more fixtures
Easy to installed. Beautiful and low profile. It does look like a recess light. We replaced our 30 year old glass covered light with this LED low profile light. I do not recommend this light if you need to illuminate a large area due to the fact that this light is flush with the ceiling. It probably will work better with a hanging down type for a large area. It works well for my application. Fortunately, it is dimmable.

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